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Friday, September 5, 2008

New Beginnings

I've decided my new blog deserves a new knitting project--any excuse to buy yarn and knit--and since I'm seeing hints of Fall here in W Pa, I thought I'd knit something to keep me warm on the chilly evenings that will be here sooner than I'd like.
I thought about knitting a big, loose sweater that I could wrap around myself, then I thought about a shawl, then I remembered I'd seen a shawl with sleeves somewhere and like the idea of blending a shawl and a sweater, so I went looking and found a pattern called "Cardi Wraps", from Stitch Diva Studios. The pattern has two versions: a hairpin lace version, and the knitted version I'll use.
I picked this particular pattern because it's got dropped stitch rows, like a Clapotis, which gives it a little openness and should make it drape well, and great sleeves that bell at the bottom.
I even bought autumn leaf colored yarn for my fall knitting project; Cascade 220 "The Heathers", in a color called Provence (#2425). It's somewhere between tomato soup and brick, with fine strands of mustard running through it. Really rich and pretty I think.

I just peeled some apples and put them on to cook for applesauce. Maybe after we've had dinner, I'll get started on my Cardi Wrap.


clarabelle said...

Wow, what a fantastic colour for your cardi, and so autumnal! I must check out the pattern though - sounds intriguing!

Good luck with your new blog - so pristine! so untouched by grubby hands! Really looking forward to reading your posts!


melaine said...

Hi there!
It is a nice color, isn't it? I was a little afraid it would be Halloween Orange when it arrived, but it's exactly the color of the online sample.
I really like the looks of this pattern, and when I read last night that what I thought were belled sleeves, turned out to be wide cuffs slit up the underside, I liked it even more; visions of little round buttons or beads sewn down one side of each cuff. I can't wait to see this one finished.
You'd look great wearing one of these, and if you wait a week to start I'll bet you'll STILL finish long before me!

Thanks so much for checking out my "pristine" little blog, I hope I can make it interesting enough to make it worthwhile; with you my first visitor, how can I go wrong?!