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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even Smaller Houses

First it was my Reincarnated Pasta Box Houses, then I made Tiny Houses out of the pasta box scraps, then someone suggested the ornaments I made out of them looked like "earrings", and I found myself making teeny tiny houses. I decided to use polyclay for the latest houses because I thought it'd be more durable for earrings than papermache.
So I made a dozen 1/2" x 1" houses, painted them, strung them--along with some glass beads--onto wire, added ear wires, and I had six pairs of Teeny Tiny House Earrings for my Etsy shop. Well, five pairs, I kept the pink and aqua pair for myself. I may never wear them, but they'll look great in my soft aqua bathroom...when I get it painted that is.
I think I've taken this house shrinking idea as far as I want to.
Teeny Tiny House Earrings


Lynn in Tucson said...

Such sweetness!

clarabelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You're gonna bankrupt me, Ms Patchouli!


ps I might have to hold back on these just for now, gnash, gnash...

November Girl said...

Thanks Lynn.

clarabelle, you know you want them....they're calling to you! ( ;