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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clown in the Limelight

I don't post as often as I probably should, but I had to brag just a tiny bit, so this is more of a happy dance than a post.
My "Clown" figure Clown2 is enjoying some time in the spotlight on a beautiful blog called ULLABENULLA.
It's so encouraging to know that my work is appreciated.
Many thanks to Ulla for making my day.


Ulla said...

You are so so welcome! And bragging is good!!!

livingstone said...

It's Wonderful!!

melaine said...

Thank you Ulla, seeing my Old Clown on your gorgeous blog was a real treat for me, thank you again.

melaine said...

Thanks livingstone, he's one piece I couldn't part with, he greets me each time I come in my door.

Highland Fairy said...


susanbuchanan2 said...

yes, getting Kudos from Ulla is high praise indeed. and well deserved, too!

November Girl said...

Yes Susan, praise from Ulla is something special!
Thank you for agreeing with her! ( :