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Thursday, May 14, 2009

"ms flo"

I've never been there, but when I think of Greece, I always think of sunshine. Getting to know Maria, I've come to the conclusion that some of that sunshine radiates from her. She's funny and charming, and talented and generous, and if you ask her what she sees when she looks out her window, she'll tell you she has a view of the Acropolis...can you IMAGINE?!!!
Anyway, a couple of months ago, Maria wrote to me. She'd seen my work on flickr, and asked if I'd like to take part in a project she was going to post on her blog, and would I send her a photo of my hand/hands, and said there would be questions....later. Pretty sketchy info, but she seemed so sweet, and I was curious--not to mention flattered--so I said I'd do it. Since then I've gotten to know more about Maria and her beautiful work. When one of her stuffed beings called to me recently, I asked if it was available, and lucky for me it was, so Maria and I decided to do a trade; she'd send me "ms flo", and I'd send her one of my Lollies, named "Olive". Of course we sent each other some other little goodies, which is always fun when you trade. I sent Maria some vintage needlework stuff and some other bits of this-and-that, tucked inside a wrapper from my favorite soap, "Tabac", which is made in Greece..."coals to Newcastle"...which amused Maria. Along with "ms flo", Maria sent me one of her little fabric owls, who kept "ms flo" company during her long trip to my house, and especially precious to me are the beautiful smooth pebbles from three different Greek islands, that I'll add to my collection. I may never make it to Greece, but a little bit of Greece has come to me.
If you haven't discovered Maria yet, you can check out her blog, psarokokalostudio, where you can find a link to her etsy shop--her necklaces are GORGEOUS and totally different from anything you've seen before. You can take a peek into her sunny life on flickr here.
Last, but certainly not least, if you're reading this Maria, thank you for liking my work well enough to make me part of your wonderful project, and for giving me a chance to know you better.